The New Vettura App

Vettura for iPad is here… a mobile solution for a mobile business.
Built from the ground up, specifically for iOS 11– with a timeless design, modern interactions and powerful new features.

Everything in one place...

With Vettura you’ll always have your vital business info with you; safe, secure and available at your fingertips. Vettura also tracks information that you are legally obliged to keep for Private Hire operations, simply and easily.

Vehicles and Tariffs

Store essential data on all your vehicles and create customised tariffs for specific clients, specific occasions and even flat-rate journeys. You can create individual journey destinations directly in the Locations section or let the app create them whenever you build a quote or Job Sheet.

Clients and Drivers

Store details on your drivers, insurance, licensing, etc., and allocate them to individual jobs. Clients can be created ‘on-the-fly’ at the time of a booking enquiry.

Bookings and Job Sheets

Create client quotes quickly and easily, then email a PDF direct from the iPad. Select a Vehicle Tariff and build a route using live driving-times or previously created journey-leg details.

Quotes can be stored as Enquiries or turned into active jobs straight away. Print or email a Job Sheet for yourself or another driver… or use it directly on the iPad.

Get Directions

Whenever you need help with directions to your next pickup or drop-off point just tap to select the journey-leg in the Job Sheet and you route to destination is opened in the iPad’s Maps app, complete with live-traffic and alternative routing.

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